Black Box Storage

Is your data safe?

When was the last time that your company backed up those important files? What would happen if you lost all of that data tomorrow? These questions are important, but do we really pay them any mind?

Work can't wait for your data to be recovered

Every company has those files or documents that they can not lose, no matter what. We make sure that not only are the files backed up in your office but are secured off-site as well. You need to make sure that your employees can access what they need even if that laptop is stolen or infected with a virus.

At home or even on the road

Our black box ensures that you have access to all of the files that you need without fuss. Even if the computer doesn't have the sync client you can log into your company's own web interface and download or upload anything that you need.

Collaborate with everyone!

Never again will you have to juggle email files or flash drives. Now you can share a file with a colleague with two simple clicks. You can even share a file with someone on-line via a link, with or without a password. Your employees with thank you for making it so easy.

Manage Your Calendar and Addresses in 1 Location

Do you struggle to keep your client address from mingling with your personal phone numbers; how about your schedule? Our service will let you separate that data while still using the programs that you love, like Outlook or Thunderbird. You can even keep everything synced with you phone!

We work with everything!

Apple, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone? It doesn't matter what you use! We work with everything on the market. Only now can you easily switch between computers and never miss a beat.


Our Black box services offer the piece of mind that you need without any of the hassle of having to manage your backups alone. We named the Black Box after the airplane system that just never stops working. The best system is one that you don't need to worry about. Nowhere else will you find the peace of mind that our Black Box offers.

Need Some More Convincing?
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